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Google Maps/Ontario Weather Radar Mash Up…

Posted in Web Build with tags , , , on April 8, 2008 by locksmith

Note – Links have been removed because of updates…

So after much humming and hawing, I’ve finally sat down to complete my first Google Maps mashup. I had the idea a while back to drop the Environment Canada weather radar on top of Google maps to give my weather viewing some context. And a while back I cranked up a script to grab the radar image for my local transmitter (near Exeter, ON) and put it into ForecastFox Enhanced.

As it turned out, getting access to the Google Maps API and setting up a base map page was incredibly easy. A quick look into the Google Maps documentation and they even provided me with sample code to set up my first page. Then into the specifics of setting up overlays on Google Maps, and I’d be all set. Or so I thought.

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