Finally! Updates!

Wow, this has been a rather notable oops.  Three years since the last post?  Ok, time to actually post some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

Weather Radar:  I have an update prepared that will run Canada wide.  Still a few bugs in it, and I’m trying to reduce the load on your copy of Google Earth.  Should be launching by the end of April. (Who knew that Google Earth didn’t like 35 odd overlay images in the megapixel range?)

Toronto Suburban Railway:  I’m been a member of the Halton County Radial Railway museum for the last couple of years, and it go me interested in tracking down the actual route the line ran.  For background, read the wiki entry: Toronto Suburban Railway I’m managed to track down enough old air photos and maps to generate a Google KML file for the route.  I’ll be generating a (much) longer post in the upcoming month or so about it.

Historical Topographical Maps:  The research above led me to some interesting places with regard to old map data.  I have a rant/idea for that.

And various and sundry other things on the go!


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